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“To me, working with design is a feeling. At the start of a new project, I first and foremost look for a nerve, a spirit. A beginning. It is like entering a special room, where the heart is able to speak. A place, where anything is possible, where I can look at everything with free energy, and without judgement or preconceived notions. I visualise how the product will be used, and what charisma it will have in a room – and based upon this mood, I begin to think about form and function. The process continues in my workshop, and it is when I am there, that I really become immersed in the design process. Still very intuitively, and mostly ruled by my hands and the possibilities offered to me by the material, a playful search combined with experience, helps the product begin to take shape. A thought becomes reality. To me, success is when my design brings daily joy to many.”


Maria Berntsen works intuitively and experimentally with her design. The projects are either by consignment, or ideas which she develop on her own, and later sell of to the manufacturer. At times she will let her creativity unfold freely, and explore shapes and materials, for no particular reason. Maria Berntsen will create three-dimensional shapes, and prefers to work with her hands. She does not draw much, and only uses her drawing board and computer to clarify basic attitudes, and to get a general grasp on the future process. The models are shaped, milled and cut out of polystyrene or other shapable materials.

“Intuition is a very important factor in the way I work. I actually try to get in touch with my own emotions, in order to achieve the desired sensibility of the design. Because good design should not just fill an obvious need, it should also communicate a mood. Naturally, the shape has to support the function, but at the same time it must have a stimulating effect”, says Maria Berntsen. “I think we know it, when we see quality, and it is this intuitive sense I make use of, when creating something new. We are born with the ability to decode shapes, and we sometimes underestimate how much a shape can affect our wellbeing.”
Maria Berntsen prefer to work alone through the creative phase, and is able to handle many different crafts and materials, when shaping models for her design. In making the final prototypes, though, she has professional help, so that the final prototype is as much like the final product as possible.

“The dialogue with the manufacturers is always interesting, and I have great respect for the professionalism found in the businesses”, Maria says. The products must be produced in the most appropriate fashion, and the businesses are in charge of the distribution channels, so that the products reach as many as possible.

In the design process we focus on having a close collaborative relationship to the clients we work with. We are confident that this makes for a succesfull collaboration, an optimal process, and thus the best and most competative products.
This collaborative focus is furthermore illustrated by our designprocess, which communicates the steps within the process, both internally and collaborative. Furthermore it divides the process into phases. These phases form the economical foundation, so the client can choose only to engage in Phase 1, before continuing into phase 2 and 3.


Maria Berntsen Industrial Design have during the years received multiple awards for the creation of outstanding design.



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